Wireless modem / router ADSL2 + with support for 802.11n (up to 150 Mbit / s) and USB-port
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3G-modem connecting to USB-port router, you can connect to the Internet via 3G GSM. There is also a USB-port to connect a printer or storage device.
ADSL-port and 4-port switch, support Ethernet WAN
ADSL-router has a port for connecting to ADSL-line. Built-in 4-port switch allows you to connect computers equipped with Ethernet-adapters, game consoles and other devices to your network. In addition, any Ethernet-port devices can be used to connect to a dedicated Ethernet-line.
Wireless Router DSL-2650U has a built-in firewall. Advanced security features minimize threats of hackers and prevent intrusions to your network and access to unwanted websites for users on your local network.
Wireless Interface
You can quickly create a wireless network at home or in the office, which will allow your employees or members of your family to connect to a wireless network from virtually anywhere (in the range of a wireless network). The Router can serve as a base station for a wireless network device of the standards 802.11b, 802.11g and 802.11n.
The device supports several security standards (WEP, WPA/WPA2), filtration devices to be connected by MAC-address, and allows the use of technology WPS.
Configuration and Management
To manage and configure the router DSL-2650U uses a simple and user-friendly web-based interface (available in several languages).

Genel Özellikler

Fiziksel Özellikler
• ADSL: 1 port with RJ-11
• LAN: 4-port 10/100BASE-TX Ethernet with RJ-45 auto-sensing polarity of MDI / MDIX
• WLAN: built-in wireless interface standard, 802.11b, g and n
Data rate
• 802.11b: 11, 5.5, 2, 1 Mbit / c
• 802.11g: 54, 48, 36, 24, 18, 12, 9, 6 Mbit / s
• 802.11n
  ◦ HT20: 150, 130, 117, 104, 78, 52, 39, 26, 13 Mbit / s
  ◦ HT40: 150, 130, 117, 104, 78, 52, 39, 26, 13 Mbit / c
ADSL standards
  ◦ Multi-mode, ANSI T1.413 Issue 2, ITU-T G.992.1 (G.dmt) Annex A, ITU-T G.992.2 (G.lite) Annex A, ITU-T G.994.1 (G.hs )
  ◦ ITU-T G.992.3 (G.dmt.bis) Annex A / L / M, ITU-T G.992.4 (G.lite.bis) Annex A
• ADSL2 +
  ◦ ITU-T G.992.5 Annex A / L / M
Types of WAN-connection
• 3G
  ◦ PPPoE
  ◦ PPPoA
  ◦ IPoA
  ◦ Static IP
  ◦ Dynamic IP
  ◦ Bridge
• Ethernet
  ◦ PPPoE
  ◦ Static IP
  ◦ Dynamic IP
  ◦ Bridge
Wireless network
• Standard IEEE 802.11n, compatible with current standard IEEE 802.11b / g
• Support of guest wireless network
• WEP-encryption
• WPA/WPA2 encryption technology with the mechanisms of TKIP, AES and TKIP + AES
• Access to a wireless network based on the MAC-addresses
• Methods and PIN WPS PBC function
• Advanced Settings
Protocols ATM / PPP
• Ethernet encapsulation bridging and routing
• Multiplexing based on VC / LLC
• ATM Forum UNI3.1/4.0 PVC (up to 8 PVC)
• ATM adaptation layer type 5 (AAL5)
• The principles and functions of the OAM ITU-T I.610, including F4/F5 loopback
• PPP over ATM (RFC 2,364)
• PPP over Ethernet (PPPoE)
• Support for Keep-alive for PPP-protocol
Network Protocols and Features
• Additional IP-address for the LAN-interface
• Static IP-routing
• The mechanism of NAT
• DHCP-server/klient/relay
• DNS relay
• Dynamic DNS (DDNS)
• VLAN support
• IGMP proxy
• IGMP snooping
• TR-069 Client
• UPnP
• Reservation
Firewall and Access Control
• NAT firewall
• Stateful Packet Inspection (SPI)
• Filtering by MAC-address-to the time of day and day of week
• URL-Filter
• Packet filtering (IP / ICMP / TCP / UDP)
• Virtual Servers
• Prevent DoS-attacks
• Intrusion detection and event logging
• The technology to protect DMZ
• Supports Port Triggering
• Grouping interfaces
• Priority VLAN (802.1p)
USB-modem *
• Automatically connect to an available type of supported network (3G/2G)
• Turn on / off check PIN-code, PIN-code change
• Access via SMB
• File Browser
• Print Server
• Accounts for access to storage
Configuration and Management
• Web-based interface for configuration and management of multiple languages
• Access via TELNET
• Upgrade the firmware of the router through the web-interface
• Save and load configuration
• Support for remote logging
• SNMP-agent
• Automatic synchronization of system time with a NTP-server and manually set the date and time
• The Ping
Supported USB-modems **
• GSM-modems
  ◦ Huawei E171
  ◦ ZTE MF192
  ◦ ZTE MF626
  ◦ ZTE MF652
• CDMA-modem
  ◦ Airplus MCD-650
  ◦ Airplus MCD-800
  ◦ ZTE AC5730

Fiziksel Özellikler

• LAN 1-4
• External Power Adapter DC 12V/1A
• The power switch ON / OFF
• The RESET button to restore factory default settings
• The button to turn on the wireless network and use the WPS function
Operating temperature
From 0 to 40 ° C
Storage temperature
-20 To 70 ° C
From 5% to 95% non-condensing


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