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Managed Layer 2 switch with 84 10/100/1000Base-T ports and 4 10GbE SFP+
The DGS-1510-52X/ME is the ideal solution for applications in Metro Ethernet. The switch features 48 10/100/1000Base-T and 4 ports 10GBase-X SFP+. Protection against static electricity ensures resilience against unexpected electrical spikes, while a full Suite of security features and authentication protects the network from internal and external threats. Reliability All Ethernet ports of the DGS-1510-52X/ME has built-in protection against static electricity to 6 kV, which allows to protect the device from power surges. In case of interruption of power supply in the switch has an additional connector for connecting redundant power supply DPS-500A/DPS-500DC or power source DC voltage of 12 V. the Switch also supports Ethernet Ring Protection Switching (ERPS, ITU-T G. 8032), whereby the recovery time of the ring after a failure within 50 milliseconds. In addition, the switch supports the functionality of the aggregation port based and 802.1 AX, which enables you to combine multiple ports into a group, increasing bandwidth and redundancy for higher availability connection to ensure smooth operation and load balancing between multiple network devices. The Triple Play Services The DGS-1510-52X/ME implemented a wide range of functions 2 multicast, including IGMP/MLD Snooping, Fast Leave, and filtering. Support this functionality offers the ability to work with IPTV-services, which are gaining popularity every year and are in great demand in the market. The use of IGMP/MLD Snooping host-based connection provides multiple IPTV subscribers to one network interface. The ISM VLAN profiles allow users to quickly and easily assign or override preset settings on ports multicast registration information to subscriber. Supports IGMP Authentication, which can prevent rogue IPTV subscriptions by authenticating set top boxes. Quality of Service The DGS-1510-52X/ME supports advanced functionality QoS (Quality of Service) to provide high-quality Triple Play services. Packet classification can be based on various header fields or user-defined packet content to help administrators prioritize network traffic. Using the bandwidth management providers to determine the level of bandwidth of incoming/outgoing channel for each port with granularity down to 64 Kbps. Easy maintenance, efficient Troubleshooting Implemented in the switch to support the extended functionality of the OAM (operations, Administration, and Management) can significantly simplify maintenance, finding and Troubleshooting. Using cable diagnostics you can remotely monitor the status of the Ethernet cable and determine the location of a malfunction that allows the provider to reduce the cost of maintenance of equipment. Function Connectivity Fault Management (CFM, IEEE 802.1 ag) is designed to monitor, search and Troubleshooting in Ethernet networks, giving providers the option to perform a connection test, isolate troubled network segments and to identify the users of such segments. Security and authentication The DGS-1510-52X/ME provides advanced functionality authentication user/device, including 802.1 X, access control based on MAC-addresses (MAC). MAC features allow network administrators to perform user authentication/device and manage the security of your network without having to install client software, which is very important, if installation on a customer's equipment is not possible. The authentication node provides the option to finely control access by each device in the network. For integration with billing systems and services supports RADIUS. Provided for in the DGS-1510-52X/ME the IP-MAC-Port Binding (IMPB) provides strong binding to addresses and interfaces, and ARP Spoofing Prevention – protects the network from attacks such as Man-In-The-Middle and ARP Spoofing.
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