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Product features:
G.SHDSL termination unit
DSL-1510G supports G.SHDSL.bis technology, designed to enhance the capacity of transmission media, combining Fast Ethernet channel with one, two or four G.SHDSL.bis wirelines. This device enables service providers todeliver high-value-added services, while helping to reduce the cost of deployment.
The possibility of a joint deployment of equipment from different vendors
G.SHDSL technology combines the best from SDSL and HDSL2 technologies. It is designed to use DSL for voice and data transmission, and Internet service access. Its primary standard (G.991.2) was developed by International Telecommunications Unions (ITU) Telecommunications Standards Sector, based in Geneva. With the use of widely applicable standard G.SHDSL, telecommunication and Internet service providers can reduce costs and achieve interoperability by deploying equipment from different manufacturers.
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