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Wireless Unified 802.11n Access Point, up to 300Mbps

• IEEE 802.11a, 802.11b, 802.11g, 802.11n Wireless LAN
• IEEE 802.3, 802.3u Ethernet
• IEEE 802.11d Regulatory Domain Selection
• IEEE 802.11h
• IEEE 802.3x Flow Control
• IEEE 802.3af Power over Ethernet (PoE)

Data Transfer Rates1
• For 802.11a/g: 54, 48, 36, 24, 18, 12, 9 and 6Mbps
• For 802.11b: 11, 5.5, 2 and 1Mbps
• For 802.11n: to 300Mpbs

Wireless Frequency Range
• 802.11a: 5.15GHz to 5.35GHz and 5.725GHz to 5.825GHz
• 802.11b/g: 2.4GHz to 2.4835GHz
• 802.11n: 2.4 GHz-2.497 GHz and 4.9 GHz – 5.85 GHz

Radio and Modulation Type
• For 802.11b (DSSS): DBPSK @ 1Mbps, DQPSK @ 2Mbps, CCK @ 5.5 and 11Mbps
• For 802.11a/g (OFDM): BPSK @ 6 and 9Mbps, QPSK @ 12 and 18Mbps, 16QAM @ 24 and 36Mbps, 64QAM @ 48,54Mbps
• For 802.11a/g (DSSS): DBPSK @ 1Mbps, DQPSK @ 2Mbps, CCK @ 5.5 and 11Mbps
• For 802.11n: PSK/CCK, DQPSK, DBPSK, OFDM

RF Channels
• 5GHz: 12 Non-Overlapping Channels for US and Canada, 8 Non-Overlapping Channels for Japan, 19 Non-Overlapping Channels for EU, 5 Non-Overlapping Channels for China
• 2.4GHz: 11 Channels for US, 13 Channels for EU, 13 Channels for Japan

Transmit Output Power4
(Typical at Each Throughput Rate)
• 802.11a 17dBm at 6/9/12/18Mbps, 15dBm at 24/36Mbps, 14dBm at 48Mbps, 13dBm at 54Mbps
• 802.11b 17dBm at 1/2/5.5/11Mbps

Receiver Sensitivity
• 802.11a: -87dBm at 6Mbps, -86dBm at 9Mbps, -84dBm at 12Mbps, -81dBm at 18Mbps, -77dBm at 24Mbps, -75dBm at 36Mbps, -68dBm at 48Mbps, -67dBm at 54Mbps
• 802.11b: -92dBm at 1Mbps, -90dBm at 2Mbps, -88dBm at 5.5Mbps, -84dBm at 11Mbps
• 802.11g: -87dBm at 6Mbps, -87dBm at 9Mbps, -85dBm at 12Mbps, -82dBm at 18Mbps, -79dBm at 24Mbps, -76dBm at 36Mbps, -71dBm at 48Mbps, -70dBm at 64Mbps

• 4 Dualband detachable omnidirectional antennas with reverse SMA connectors
• Antenna Gain: 6dBi for 5GHz frequency band, 4dBi for 2.4GHz frequency band

Ethernet Interface
10/100/1000BASE-T Port With 802.3af PoE

Configurable Operation Mode
• Access Point only
• Access Point with Wireless Distribution System
• Wireless Distribution System

• 64/128/152-bit WEP Data Encryption
• MAC Address Filtering: Local or RADIUS database
• 802.11i/WPA2: Supports pre-authentication and key caching for WPA2 Enterprise
• 802.1Q SSID broadcast enable/disable
• 16 SSID per frequency band, 32 SSID per AP
• RADIUS (RFC 2865, 3580): Supports authentication with RADIUS, up to 4 external RADIUS servers
• Isolated security for each SSID (Different security settings for each SSID)
• Station Isolation
• IEEE 802.1X Supplicant

Supported Management Methods/Protocols
• Uses protocols supported in DWS-4026 Unified Switch
• Syslog
• Telnet

Diagnostic LEDs
• Power
• 2.4GHz
• 5.0GHz

Fiziskie raksturlielumi

• Operating voltage: 48VDC +/- 10% for PoE
• Power supply: Through 48VDC, 0.4A external power adapter
• Power consumption: Max.11W without POE, Max.12W with POE

190.5 mm (L) x 198.8 mm (W) x 36.8 mm (H) (7.50 x 7.83 x 1.45 inches)

1.02 kg (2.25 lbs)

Operating Temperature
0˚ to 40˚C (32˚ to 104˚F)

Storage Temperature
-20˚ to 65˚C (-4˚ to 149˚F)

Operating Humidity
10% to 90% (Non-Condensing)

Storage Humidity
5% to 95% (Non-Condensing)

523,721 hours

• FCC Class B
• CE
• C-Tick
• Wi-Fi
• ICES-003
• EN60601-1-2
• CSA International

1 Maximum wireless signal rate 300Mbps and 54Mbps is based on IEEE 802.11n and 802.11a/g specifications, respectively. Actual data throughput will vary. Network conditions and environmental factors, including volume of network traffic, building materials and construction, and network overhead can lower actual data throughput rate.
2 MCS Index: The Modulation and Coding Scheme (MCS) index determines the number of spatial streams, the modulation, the coding rate, and data rate values. MCS Index is only available for 802.11n standard.
3 GI: A Guard Interval (GI) between symbols helps receivers overcome the effects of multipath delays. A GI of 400ns is also called Short Guard Interval (SGI).
4 Maximum power setting will vary according to individual country regulations.

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