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8-Port Gigabit Switch
The DGS-1008A 8-Port Gigabit Easy Desktop Switch is a cost-effective solution that features D-Link’s Green Technology-providing energy savings, reduced heat, and a longer product life without sacrificing performance or functionality. It provides eight Gigabit ports and simple setup lets you expand your network for a quick upgrade to Gigabit connectivity. Lastly, its compact size and simple design give you the freedom to place it in any environment.
Compact and Easy to Set Up
Featuring a clean, understated design, the DGS-1008A 8-Port Gigabit Easy Desktop Switch is light, compact, and fits into any decor. Simply plug in the power adapter and it’s ready to accept Ethernet connections from any device to upgrade to Gigabit speeds. Setup is so simple, no complex configurations are required!
Cost-effective Solution
The D-Link DGS-1008A 8-Port Gigabit Easy Desktop Switch is a cost-effective solution that provides network connectivity to users via eight Ethernet ports. Not only does it offer advanced features that improve performance, it also cuts costs by using less power while upgrading your network bandwidth to Gigabit speeds. The provision for eight ports lets you add more devices to your network without worrying about availability. This series simply offers
the best performance and value at its price point.
Advanced Features
The DGS-1008A 8-Port Gigabit Easy Desktop Switch supports 802.3 Energy-Efficient Ethernet to help you cut power usage by automatically powering down ports that have no data activity, adding up to more savings on your electricity bill. Also featuring 802.1p Quality of Service (QoS), the DGS-1008A lets you prioritize traffic by type so that streaming media such as network telephony (VoIP) stays smooth when you need it. Other scenarios such as online gaming or digital video streaming can also be prioritized in order of importance for the best performance possible.
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