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24-Port Unmanaged Gigabit Switch
The D-Link DGS-1024D 24-Port Unmanaged Gigabit Switch offers an economical way for SOHO and small to medium businesses (SMB) to deploy an energy-efficient switch that features the increased bandwidth of Gigabit ports.
Gigabit on Every Port
The 24-Port Unmanaged Gigabit Switch brings the speed of Gigabit Ethernet to each and every port for a truly high-speed network. If your network has a mix of legacy and modern computing capabilities, each port allows for standard Ethernet, Fast Ethernet, or Gigabit Ethernet connections. You have the latest technology available to every computer and device connected to your network.
Improve Network Efficiency
DGS-1024D 24-Port Unmanaged Gigabit Switch incorporates several optional advanced features to help simplify and improve network management and efficiency. Flow Control throttles connections to ensure connectivity during heavy usage periods by reducing packet loss and wasteful data retransmission. In addition, Storm Control and Port Isolation mitigates the effects of broadcast storms caused by rogue software and malware, which propogate across networks and can bring communication to a standstill.
Innovative Design
The metal case of the DGS-1024D and a compact desktop style helps to generate heat dissipation levels that allow for a fanless design, making the switch silent, as well as economical. The 24-Port Unmanaged Gigabit Switch is small, lightweight, wall-mountable, and ideal for any business with big needs and a small budget.
Think Green
The 24-Port Unmanaged Gigabit Switch helps you to conserve energy automatically through several methods. It automatically powers down ports that have no link, allowing the switch to save substantial amounts of power by cutting power usage for unused ports or any ports connected to computers that have been shut down.
Conserve Energy
The 24-Port Unmanaged Gigabit Switch features D-Link Green Ethernet technology which provides more energy savings and a longer product life, without sacrificing operational performance or functionality. This environmentally friendly switch is also RoHS compliant, uses recyclable packaging, and minimizes the use of harmful substances.
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