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Redundant power supply for DGS-3610-26/DGS-3610-26G

The DPS-510  is  the backup Redundant Power Supply  for the DES-3010PA. When the DES-3010PA is equipped with the DPS-510,  both  power  supplies  are  switched  on  and share  the current  load.  In case  the power supply of  the DES-3010PA should fail, the DPS-510 will instantaneously take  100%  of  the  load  without  any  loss.  The  DPS-510 provides up to 130 Watts of redundant power to help insure that even PoE powered devices such as phones, APs, and cameras remain alive and active in the event the internal power supply fails. In addition, the DPS-510 also supports a fan-failure signal to indicate when a fan is about to fail based on detected reduced fan RPM.  The DPS-510 is rack mountable and can be mounted  in an EIA  standard-size 19-inch rack. If rack mounting is not required, the DPS-510 can also be easily placed on a desktop or wiring closet shelf.  The DPS-510  includes  everything  you  need  to  get started right out of the box including: AC Power cord, RPS cable  for connecting  to  the DES-3010PA, Rack mounting brackets for rack installations and rubber feet for desktop or shelf mounting.


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